I got an email, I will say more like a nudge, from a friend yesterday that it is time I posted something in my blog. I laughed as I read the helpful suggestion and I smile as I type this now. It made me think about what was holding me back, if you only knew how many posts I have in my draft box. I love to write ,I carry a hand-dandy notebook with me, its has Wonder Woman on it. My mom got the notebook for me for my 34th birthday with a matching Wonder Woman t-shirt. Secretly I am Wonder Woman, but that is a whole other topic. Anyhow, I am constantly jotting down thoughts of my own, thoughts I hear, read, see anything that inspires me. If I don’t have my notebook handy  then I text myself random thoughts. So with that being said, I took a long pause on to what was keeping me from freely posting in my own blog. Here is what I came up with.

I started this blog to kick my own butt into high gear, to make myself write and post my thoughts. I want to write a book so I thought if I could get comfortable writing daily, and allowing others to read my thoughts I would have no trouble when it came to writing my book. However, I started reading other people’s blogs and it made me recoil a little bit. It seems that there are many great blogs I have enjoyed reading so many random blogger’s thoughts. They have pictures to support their stories, amazing grammar and paragraph structure, and most of them write daily. So I  recoiled a bit because to know me is to know that punctuation, grammar, spell check and self-edit button do not apply here. I write and express with all the error one could have, it’s part of who I am, flawed but skilled. Then the question came several times, “what is your blog about.” Oh man, I didn’t realize it had to be about something specific, I paused again. But it is about something, it’s about my heart and the journey to live this life to the fullest and best way I can. It’s about all the wisdom I learn on a daily basis, it’s about sharing me. That is alot, that is deep, its scary and raises a few flags in my being. Putting myself out there is kind of nerve-racking, but I have to ask myself “what is the worst thing that could happen?” People won’t like it or they will judge me, and I realized it’s ok for me to be in that vulnerable space. Flags and all I am up for the challenge at hand. I am ready to embark on my writing journey. Even if I never make to the most read blog section of WordPress.

It might not be the most well-written or brilliant blog out there, but its mine. each time I post I  will share some random words of wisdom which I have learned along the way, so for today’s words:

Be Authentic, it IS the best and ONLY way to be~

Shine on~

From the heart~

The heart holds the truth and if we get quiet enough we can hear it.

Stepping into the truth there is a vulnerability, sometimes the truth isn’t the popular choice,

But being in that  honesty presents an unshakeable sense of freedom~

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