Moving away from fear~

Of all the things I can do to really make a change, stepping away from fear would be one of the greatest gifts I could give myself.

Fear is an interesting thing its paralyzing and it takes some time to figure out where it comes from, how it affects us and how can we move out of it. I recently received an email that inspired me to get past myself, my fear of the unknown, my fear of rejection, and my own insecurities of my own wisdom and strength. There is a yoga conference asking for yoga teachers to teach an asana class with depth and a specific focus. I was looking at the requirements secretly hoping I didn’t meet one so that could be the reason I don’t put my name in the hat to be chosen. As I was reading I realized I have all of the skill, wisdom, and trainings required. So now I have to make a video, and write a description of what kind of class I will be teaching. So I have been working on refining my bio, writing about myself and thinking of what I have to offer people paying a ton of money at a yoga conference.

When I am making a decision that will affect me I always take pause and reflect, sometimes this can get me stuck, and sometimes it can take me exactly where I need to go. So as I was thinking way too much today I decided its ok, I am going to do it and the worst that can happen is I don’t get picked and I can try again next year. It’s a big step for me, its confronting some pretty deep-rooted fears and some of my own biggest hurdles.

So for today, strength triumphs fear and I will be moving forward one steady step at time~

shine on

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