The Great Past~

In this day and age of social media we are brought back together with people and moments of our past. A song, a place, a smell ,all reminders of our story. Sometimes this raises a feeling of elation and sometimes its a reminder of where we have been in our lifetime.

I was with my girlfriends’ last night sharing in vino and old stories of the things we did as kids and how we were just vibing around pretty clueless of how our actions affected other people. I was wild as a kid, free and fearless. I thought this life was all about me. I caused my mom some serious heartache. When I am with my mom sometimes I will randomly apologize and squeeze her and thank her for being there for me in all my moments. At the same time that girl I use to be is almost like a book I read, I am so far from that girl now. Of course I still enjoy my moments of freedom, they just are much more mellow than when I was in my teens and twenties. I have found myself really believing in moderation. Some of those stories are so fun to revisit and I can have a good laugh and it makes me remember that unshakeable sense of life.

I like to say that the past is like training wheels for our future and we all have one. I am often confronted with some of my not so stellar moments, things I have done, people I have hurt. In these moments of reflection I can become really critical of myself and the choices I made, also reminds me how disconnected and hurt by life I was.I have to remind myself of the growth and that every experience led me right where I am today.I remind myself to let go of the past and be here in the present where I am stronger, happier, and awake. Letting go,does not mean losing the knowledge I have gained from the past. For me forgiving and moving on from the past is simply a release of old stories, images, grudges, fears, and disappointments that keep my light from shining. There is absolutely no reason for me to hang out in a painful place that I already lived. Especially when I have so much to be grateful for, including still being alive.

In remembering and letting go we expand and open. Raising our awareness between reality and illusions, then it becomes about how we show up, our internal and external reactions to this life and the high and low tides.Each experience each time we practice acceptance we elevate our ability to be present.

Shine on~

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