Stay Human~

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just to stay human.
Michael Franti~ 

I hear alot how people are looking for something a new shirt, new music, new lover, new car, new job and the list goes on. Seeking perhaps to fill a void, mend a broken heart or to have a moment of feeling alive. I feel as if what people are really missing is what I would like to call the human experience. The basic exchange between human beings. Some connection and community. Do you ever notice when you are walking in somewhere or down the street and someone is headed your way, the thoughts that pass through your mind? At least once the thought of should I say hello, good morning, maybe ask how they are doing comes up. More times than not when people are strolling in my direction the passing on their end is silent until I speak ” good morning,” and people look shaken as if I just woke them up from a sleep walk.

I watch people quite I bit I find people and their behaviors so interesting and I am curious alot of the times how often people go without hugging someone or embracing in a long conversation that makes them feel whole. I watch couples, families, friends at a restaurant and everyone is on their phones texting, facebooking completely disengaged. The internet is an amazing thing it really is brilliant but also I think it creates a gap between us as human beings. It allows us to take ourselves right out of interaction with others. Its easy to right an email, send a text, look at someones profile and then log off our computer having not said a word in an hour or maybe more and not even really connecting to anyone.

When we move away from human connection it’s easy to become reactive and impatient to things that go on in our everyday lives. Someone taking to long to turn at a light  if we are in a hurry, the person talking to the cash register clerk for too long while we are behind them in line, or what about construction zones on the roads and how its so hard for some people to let another car merge or maybe even two cars. We move alot from the space of fight or flight which can make us more reactive and less present to what is going on around us. Often times we are projecting our thoughts, judgments and ideas onto people and we aren’t even aware we are doing it. We hold long-term grudges and don’t let go enough. We forget to be human and most of all we forget that other people  are human too. We all make mistakes and have moments of greatness each day every day. We are human.

I was talking with a friend the other night and she was sharing with me a conversation she had with a friend of her’s about volunteering and the fact that she wants to do it but doesn’t have the time to commit to a certain day every week. He said to her ” Volunteering isn’t just about being somewhere every week you can make a difference by volunteering your time picking up trash around your neighborhood or anywhere really and as other people see you doing it, it will encourage them to throw away their trash and maybe pick some up too. Then you are volunteering your time taking care of our environment. Also, you can be genuine and nice to everyone you meet reminding people to do the same and the effort will spread.” I was really taken back by this conversation and have shared it with many others because its true. Two things that we are all capable of can make a huge impact. The simplicity of being genuine and nice and picking up trash is doing our part. Brilliant.

Alot of people I talk to are striving for success, trying to fit into some kind of mold, job, lifestyle, trend and they seem like they are kind of lost in this process. Caught up in the desire to be different from what they are, and yet what they are is enough. Greatness is just around the corner if only they can remember if only we can remember each day to be part of the human experience. Do things that aren’t convinent or that take you out of your comfort zone. Call someone instead of texting, look at the person who holds the door open for you as you thank them, hug someone when you meet them or greet them, sit by the person who is alone, pick up trash and be nice. Afterall the saying is true we are all fighting our own tough battles and trying to be and do the very best we can.

Stay human, love and be loved as often as you can.

Shine on~

the sea~

“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea”- Isak Dinesen

I feel content with my feet in the sand the sound of the water lulls my soul to quiet bliss

There is infinite expression in the waters before me, timelessness and freedom

The sea and all its moods hold the presence of complete surrender

I am just a visitor to these terms as I observe people completing their morning routine

the daily jog, the business deal, dog walking, stoller striding I wonder will they pause to feel the vastness of the sea?

I am in rapt by the surfers’ fearlessness and inspired by how effortlessly their unity and movement seems to be the expression of  the spirit of each wave

The sun on my skin and the cool breeze that moves all around me

I could stay here for hours, years the comfort of the ocean allowing me to be at ease

the salt of my soul~

the ocean breathes salty won’t you carry it in? In your head, In your mouth and you soul~ Modest Mouse

Shine on~

Give what you have~

This life is meant to be lived with a full and grateful heart. Each day, each person, every oppurtunity a gift of experience for the heart to open more and love to be expressed. Imagine the affect if you put grattittude and love behind every word, every thought, every action. Be awake to the experience, light up the sky~

Shine on~


Rushing into action, you fail.

Trying to grasp things, you lose them.

Therefore the master takes action by letting things take their course.

She remains as calm at the end as she does in the beginning~

Stephen Mitchell


Letting go is the process of acceptance. Both, from my perspective are forms of art. It takes great strength and will power to release the grip of how we want it to be and move into how it is.
So again and again we surf the high and low tides let the sea of life carry us or hold us under.
We live in time, our whole lives stories are shaped and moulded by time, ordinary everyday time, tick-tock tick-tock. It takes the smallest pleasure or pain to remind us of times architecture.
Some experiences make time feel as if it has stood still while others make us question where has the time gone, and then there is that which reminds us that time will never return.
Sometimes time leaves us with distinct and exact memories of events while others leave us only with the impressions they leave on the heart and soul.

Shine on~

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