I keep coming up with the same word again and again when I am meditating. The word is trust. It’s interesting to me how I have looked at this word in the last week since its been popping in and out of my mind.

Trust as I know it is a process, in many different forms and for many different reasons. So as I have been examining what different ways I step into the state of trust and I have noticed some forms are met with great ease and some with resistance.

Yesterday I was taking pictures for my website and I was up on a large tree that was probably 4 to 5 ft off the ground it was an old tree that had been knocked down by a previous storm. As I approached the tree I was thinking this tree is magnificent and beautiful and then when I climbed on it, and started to do an arm balance fear hit me. I had to come out of the pose put both my feet on the trunk of the tree close my eyes and breathe, I reminded myself to trust my body to be strong enough and my courage to keep me from falling off. So I continued my session of balancing yoga poses both on my hands and my feet. When I climbed down I felt alive, shaky but alive.

I wear my heart on my sleeve when I was younger I was mush more guarded I didn’t trust anyone. As I have softened with time and learned that not everyone will betray my trust and I have built healthy relationships I can understand that I don’t have to wear a suit of armor anymore. But I have noticed lately  as I have been sharing with friends lately I have paused and thought can I trust, do I trust that this person is going to hold my words with grace and respect and not share them with others. The answer is indefinite because in truth this I will not ever know and yet I trust and continue to share.

Then there is the matter of my heart. Loving someone and trusting that they are going to hold my heart with the same love and respect as I hold theirs. This is scary, my heart has been broken and left me shaken a bit. Having someone to love lifts you to great heights but can also bring you to the very depths of the murky waters where you can get very dirty. The last time my  heart was broken I felt like the murky waters where going to bury me and yet each stone at the bottom that was turned over reminded me to be alive again reminded me to grow and learn. The heart is such a delicate muscle and I believe in exercising mine to all its depths and capacity to love, love and love some more. So I trust that my heart can hold all of what I allow.

I have been feeling a little out of sorts and feeling tested, some of my old patterns have started to emerge it reminds me that I have not learned the lesson that I need to learn yet from this behavior or pattern or maybe I have learned it and haven’t been listening. Trust in myself in the knowing that everything is exactly as it should be that no matter how much I resist or step back I can trust that this is it, this is what I need right now.

When I can remind myself to trust in all forms then I can step into an open heart and transformation happens~

shine on~


It’s wild how time unwinds

How the fate is settled into the sand

The water holds the ripples the clarity boundless and clear

By design I understand the truth of what is

It moves and circles itself all around me

Trust and faith in a space that holds back

The bottom starts to stir by the motion of my step and the water clouds

The  stir turns the murky waters and rocks from the bottom

For a moment in time the water knows its depths

Within minutes it roots itself back to form clear still and peaceful~

shine on~






Attaining Freedom~

Every person has four endowments 

self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination.

This gives us the ultimate freedom, the power to choose, to respond to change~

Stephen Covey

The outer world is often the direct reflection of the inner world. What does it look like to be thriving in all areas of your life? How are you showing up? Is your wisest intention taking the lead for your choice of thoughts, actions and reactions? Are you moving from a place of compassion or ego?

Stability is the platform for self-knowledge and it gives us a way to see ourself. Awareness is both imminent and transcendent and guides us to create freedom to find steadiness. The practice of these four endowments takes effort and choice allowing us to use our intentions to create subtle change. Moving from that space of timeless innate wisdom reminds us that we can attain ultimate freedom. Our mind and bodies are only as free as we allow them to be, step into your own truth~

Shine on~

Into the still~

I found it salvation peace of mind

freedom from the noise

I felt it light on light

skin on skin

Existence through form

taste through love

I reached for it again and again

It felt like soul completion

Pure as it could possibly get

stretched out before me

Waves of color, contemplation, connection

vastness of the still and quiet

Contemplation of reality and illusion

yet an absolute knowing of the truth

From my desire to my grace

it’s all held perfectly~

shine on ~

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