I anxiously have waited for 2013 last year was a year for growth for me~ to seek and to learn, it was a battle and victory. I predict this year  will be tougher in ways that will confront every part of me as I will have to put my growth into play.

In the sense of my career I feel like I finally have accepted the fact that I know what I am doing that the wisdom I have attained can be shared. I learned to believe in myself to trust myself and my own knowledge. My 2013 goal for my career is to watch it soar.

As a mom I have come into my own as well. I see my kiddos for who they are without trying to mold them into something they aren’t. Just by believing in them they have flourished and grown in ways that I cannot even express how proud I am to be their mom. Sometimes in the morning when I see them they seem to change so much over night and I just want to squeeze them and never let go. I learned a great deal about just how fleeting being a mom can be from the shootings in CT. My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones, who lost their babies. It has made me more aware of the small ways I can love and appreciate my kids everyday. How seeing them in every light is a blessing even on the tough days. This year I will love them and hold them and admire them, watch them grow with an open and accepting heart.

As a friend I have harvested the relationships that can grow in a healthy way and have pulled out the weeds that have hurt my heart for much to long. I am blessed with how many amazing people are in my life luckily for me there was only a few weeds. This year I will be an even better friend, a better listener, make myself more available, keep my commitments and have more girl sleepovers.

Then there is my love life ,its been a tough one. Love has taught me the most, my heart experienced on all levels. I am a firm believer of loving and being loved as much and as often as possible, I think its best. I had a heartbreak, a heart heal and a heartbreak, working again on the heart healing. Love has brought me to my knees, my highest and brightest days and showed me how strong, capable and awesome I am. I learned to love myself this year to really embrace who I am and that is the best part about my year. In discovering myself, my own heart I can shine no matter what is going on. I learned to put up healthy boundaries and put those boundaries into play. My family has split this year and its been pretty hard on me but in the end I can’t continue to let people hurt me even those who have been in my life for as long as I have existed. Love has also taught me acceptance, that distancing and protecting myself is ok.

I have learned alot this year I have grown in ways that I didn’t even know I needed to grow and allowed myself to leap without hesitation and live on all levels. I am ready to take on 2013 to soar in my own grace and expand my horizons I am ready to give, practice kindness daily, to love and be loved and to shine on~

Many blessing to you in the New Year no matter what don’t hold back, be open to receive , love and live as much as you can stand and then maybe a little extra. May your cup be overfilled with opportunities, greatness, good health and may you be surrounded and blessed by love .

Shine on~

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